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John Mumma – 2/11/15

Hello Midnight pulling fans from Louisville Ky. I am going to try to get back to posting again on the web page for 2015. When you get out of the habit it is hard to get back into that habit.

2014 was again a good year for Midnight Motorsports. The new girl on the block did a outstanding job with her new ride. Bethany and Jared had a new experience with getting 2 trucks ready.

On the ITPA side of pulling Midnight Motorsports had a good year also. Bethany, Jared and Jeremy were 1, 2, 3 & I was 5. I missed a pull because of breakage and that got us into a hole that was hard to climb out of.

On a side note we lost a Great Friend in Illinois and Midnight Motorsports. Jim Austin was a close friend and the brother that I never had. RIP Jim and pull on.

On the PPL side of pulling Jeremy had a slow first half of the 2014 season but had a outstanding second half. Jeremy won 4 of the last seven hooks. Then there was me. After 2 years back to back that were very good I was due for a fair year. The first half was a bust. The best finish the first half was when Misty drove my truck at Franklin Ky. Boy did I hear about that!

Not so much from Misty but my fellow classmates were happy that I was driving and not Misty. The second half of the season was better. No wins for me, but 3 seconds, all behind Jeremy. First time this has happened since I have had my truck.

We are ready for the 2015 season to start here in Louisville at the Farm Machinery Show. We hope 2015 will be as good as the last 4 years have been for Midnight Motorsports.

If you are coming to the Farm Machinery Show please stop by and say hello. I hope to post after Louisville is over and as always HAMMER DOWN!!!